Monday, 2 April 2018

Moulding Your Own Embellishments

I've been playing around with this Prima Marketing IOD Art Decor mould, and I really love it! So much that I've ordered two more moulds, which should arrive this week. If you love making mixed media art pieces, these moulds provide an economical solution to sourcing embellishments.
I used very cheap air-drying clay, which wanted to crack. Although, my second attempt at moulding had no breaking of pieces. I've since ordered Prima's special paper clay (also an inexpensive option) to see if it gives me a little more flexibility.
Once dry, you can apply acrylic, gesso, sprays, mica paints or lots of other mixed media products. 
These moulds are food safe, too, for those of you who prefer chocolate to clay. LOL!

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