Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tulips in Heart Artwork

Thank you to all whom have left such lovely messages about my 'tulips in heart' cards.

First of all, some of you have asked for links about Copic markers. The best one, which was passed on to me by Ann Clack, is I Like Markers Blogspot by Marianne Walker. Make sure you go back into the archives to the very beginning to see some of the primary information on Copic markers if you are new to using them.

A number of you have asked to have a copy of the 'tulips in heart' artwork, which I have included here. However, I have a few requests before you download a copy as I've spent time and energy working with this image to perfect it for paper crafting.

1. You can download this art, but please be considerate and do not send copies of the artwork in emails or post the image on your blog. Instead, if your friends are interested in the artwork, please send them a link to my blog and this blog entry.

2. If you download this artwork, please leave me a message to say 'hi,' and let me know that you've stopped by.

To download: Click on the 'tulips in heart' artwork, which will open a new window. Once open, you can right click on the artwork to save it into your computer. You will find that it is a large image; this ensures better quality when you reduce it.

To print
: Open the folder on your computer containing the artwork. Click once on the artwork to select it, and then click on the little printer icon, which should open a new window that lets you set up your printing parameters. More than likely, you will want to print four pieces of the artwork per page. Important: be sure to deselect 'fit picture to frame'; otherwise, the image edges will be clipped.

I love all the input and comments from all of you stampers and paper crafters. It's the inspiration that keeps me doing what I do!

If any of you live in England (or anywhere in the UK) and would like to join a friendly and vibrant stamping and paper crafting yahoogroup, please join me and my friends at Stampers of England.