Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Altered Tins

Altering objects and turning them into art is one of the easiest and most gratifying processes in paper crafting. You can make your altered art as sophisticated and detailed as you'd like, or you can simply slap on patterned paper and embellishments.

The beauty of tins is that many of them are free. Most of my tins have held tea or chocolate. I have collected so many of them that they were multiplying like rabbits! I decided it was time to alter some of them to work on my tin overpopulation.

The process is what we would have called decoupage in the old days. To make the attached tins, I have glued the paper down with the Art Institute's Art Glitter Glue or a thin layer of Royal Coat Decoupage Finish. The latter decoupage finish is the product that I use to cover tin and seal all the paper and elements. I usually like to go thick with the final finish.

Once the tins are finished, they are the perfect for end-of-year teacher gifts. Simply fill them with chocolate and candy. Teachers find plenty of uses for these tins when they are empty of sweets, too!

I made quite a few of these last year, too. My son  has about 18 teachers, incredibly, so it was quite a challenge to make sure we got all his favorites. These few tins are just the beginning. I plan to keep making more before school lets out for the summer. Since we live in the desert, the decoupage glue dries in about 10 minutes if I put the tin outside! Hah!

Some of the paper used come from BoBunny, Junkitz, and SEI.