Monday, 7 April 2008

Paper Swap Challenge

I recently hosted a Patterned Paper Swap Mingle on one of the yahoo stamping groups, to which I belong. I am paper mad . . . I collect and, daresay, hoard paper. I thought it would be therapeutic to try to use some of the pieces for a change! One of the best ways was to share some of my prized paper with others. The assignment was to take your most loved 12 by 12 pieces of paper or cardstock, cut the piece into four squares, and share those quarters with other ladies in the mingle. In the end, we received five 6 by 6 inch squares of paper from five of our friends from around the world.

It was incredibly interesting to see a bit of people's artistic style and personalities in the paper they choose and covet.

After the paper was distributed, the next step was to use some of these 6 by 6 squares and create. The green lady of luxury (see the entry below featuring the Dolly Mama Domestically Challenged Stamp and Kay Foley Stamp) featured one of the pieces of paper.

However, my friend Cheryl (and owner of the aforementioned yahoo stamping group) sent me this uber-lovely floral majestic paper! I just love it, and it seemed the perfect vehicle for featuring a couple of hearts from my new Cuttlebug die with embossing folders. I just love this card!

I'm back to the same spot I was because I don't think I can give away this card, just as I found it hard to give away some of my paper! As a result, this card is now happily sitting in my inspiration box for others to see.

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