Friday, 4 April 2008

Color Your World . . . Differently

Today Lisa Gifford posted a new challenge on her Step Outside Your Box Saturday blog. She asked us to try to use different colors in our creations. For example, you can probably tell from my previous work that I like earthy or jeweled tones. Oh, and lots of red!

However, recently I participated in a paper swap with some crafty ladies. I have particular tastes in paper colors and patterns, and it was a real revelation to see some of the paper that my friends prefer. While some of them are within my comfort range, I found a few of them truly different. I received a couple of pieces with lime-green tones. I never use such colors. I stared at the paper long and hard, and I finally hatched a plan.

Attached are the results. It's actually a picture of me, lounging in Abu Dhabi. Hah! Well, this is sort of the life I lead here; please don't hate me! The stamps are Dolly Mama Domestically Challenged and Kay Foley Dilettante (River City Rubber Works).

I certainly don't think this is perfect, but I'm pleased with my results considering I don't usually use lime or any basic shades. The scan is a bit deceiving because the background is really lime.

You can click the link above, go to Lisa's site, and take the challenge yourself!

Craft happy!

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