Friday, 7 March 2008

Paper-Crafting Baskets

My creative friend, Nancy, came to one of our Tuesday craft gatherings with the cutest basket, which was made using strips of cardstock. She had been trolling the internet and came across this basket tutorial created by Laura Canale who has the "wish you were here" blogspot. You can see her basket tutorial here:

I must admit, when I first saw the basket, I thought that it was much too fiddly and detailed for my crafting enjoyment. However, there was something about a challenge hanging out there in the front of me. I felt compelled to tackle this project. And I thought these little baskets would be ideal stuffed with candies to give to some of my son's teachers for Easter. (I say "some," because there is no way I will make 16 baskets; he has that many teachers!)

As of today, I have made four baskets; I only have pictures of three because one is really sad looking. It was a basket that another crafty friend of mine had given up and discarded. By the time I tried to recreate it, the tiny strips of paper were bent and no longer pulled easily through the weave of the basket.

However, I am proud of the three success stories. As you can see from the results, I like the idea of using double-sided patterned cardstock, in lieu of solid colors.

Was the project hard or easy? Hmmmmmmm . . . the first one was definitely a challenge. I hadn't printed out Laura's instructions, so I was darting to and from my computer desk and crafting table. Also, I was using a combination of adhesive and Tacky Glue with so-so results.

By the time I made the second basket, crafty Nancy suggested that I use Art Glitter's glue. I figured there can't be that much difference between Aleene's Tacky Glue and Art Glitter's Designer Adhesive. They both dry clear and permanent, but the Art Glitter glue dries in seconds! You can easily glue the paper and move on to the next piece without having to wait or have the glued pieces slip.

The hardest part of the basket are the tiny strips that you weave at the beginning. Once you get past those, the basket is fairly simple and satisfying.

The baskets are really sweet and pretty, but I don't think I can make anymore! My neck hurts from working over these baskets during the week.

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Beth said...

Kathy these baskets are gorgeous I have that tutorial printed out somewhere and started it one day but never finished it.
Thanks for sharing yours.