Sunday, 10 February 2008

Chocolate Bar Sliders

It's been yonks since my last posting, and I'm thrilled to be back! Between traveling to visit family over the holidays and nursing a nasty back injury, I have found my time creating and in front of the computer severely limited.

However, now I am home, and I've been attending to my back, and I'm slowly coming back alive!

With Valentine's Day and two birthdays this week, I decided to make some chocolate bar sliders. These are simple, even for the mathematically challenged non-engineer types!

The first chocolate bar slider is a Valentine's Day card for my husband, Niall. The papers are from BoBunny.

To make a slider card, you need to measure your cardstock to cover the chocolate bar. I've used Lindt European chocolate . . . yummy! I cut my cardstock to 6 1/2 by 8 inches. But your size will be determined by your chocolate bar. Score the paper so that it folds nicely over the chocolate bar. You may need four scores if your chocolate bar is thick. You can also fold by hand. Use adhesive to adhere the flap.

Below, is a photo of thank you slider using Stampin' Up! Ginormous Flowers. What an amazing stamp set. It provides so much potential to decorate cards, boxes, sliders, and other altered pieces. The brads are from Creative Imaginations and the paper is from Junkitz.

What makes these "slider" cards is a pulley system created with a piece of ribbon, which allows the recipient to pull up the chocolate bar. To make the pulley system, punch two matching holes at the top of your chocolate bar cover. Wrap the ribbon around the chocolate bar and slide it inside the cover. String the ribbon through both holes and tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. You'll discover that you now can pull out the chocolate treat with the ribbon! Now decorate the cover as you wish!

This final chocolate slider is for an upcoming birthday, and it again features Stampin' Up! Ginormous Flowers, brads from Creative Imaginations, and paper from Junkitz.

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